Owners of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) have a lot of responsibility. Limited resources and twelve-hour workdays are the norm, not the exception. Trying to maintain quality customer service, employee productivity, and keeping the lights on can be a daunting task, and many SMB’s try to save money by adding IT support to the list of things they tackle themselves.  But in reality, paying for managed IT services from a trustworthy service provider could be less expensive than you think.  And taking technology issues off your plate so you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

It’s only natural for a business to want to grow, but growing pains are inevitable.

Technology, and in particular your network infrastructure, can present a lot of problems during a period of rapid growth. Your IT infrastructure needs to be monitored and maintained in order to function properly, and if you don’t have a team dedicated to keeping your systems running properly, the responsibilities are usually left to someone with a little IT knowledge but who doesn’t specialize in its upkeep. And if you choose to do it yourself that means yet another task on your already over-burdened shoulders and even more late nights.

And what does this accomplish?  It might seem at first like a way to save money, but SMB’s often experience technical issues that can only be fixed by skilled individuals who specialize in network support and IT maintenance. Plus, just like in many other things, you get out of something what you put into it.



If you or other members of your team are charged with the upkeep of your own technology, it can, and usually does, lead to several things:

  1. The job performance of your team will suffer.
  2. Your critical technology will be maintained by well-meaning but unqualified individuals.
  3. Aging and poorly-maintained equipment will inevitably lead to inconvenient and costly downtime and potentially huge repair bills coupled with a devastating loss of income.

Many industry sources suggest that business owners who would rather take matters into their own hands should consider that their staff would be far better off providing excellent customer service than performing even the most mundane technology maintenance.  The best performing (and therefore the most profitable) companies are those that use all of their resources to their best advantage.

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure support to TCT Computer Solutions is the simplest and most effective way to lighten your workload every day and improve the reliability and performance of your critical IT equipment and systems.

We can resolve technology problems, perform routine IT maintenance, optimize network security, and provide user support and more, most of the time without the time and expense of an on-site service call. This lets your team focus on the more important day-to-day and mission-critical tasks they were hired to do while TCT Computer Solutions takes care of the troublesome IT issues. With a reliable and properly maintained IT infrastructure, your business can grow to reach its full potential without the hassle of IT issues and poor technology maintenance getting in the way.