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Business Solutions

End-to-End Business Solutions

We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have provided business IT solutions and service for all of that time. We stay current on all of the latest technologies and IT services. Let us help you plan for your next server upgrade and select the right hardware and software. Or let us help you sort through all of the newest technologies to choose those that best fit your current needs and planned growth. Few companies serving small and medium businesses have our breadth and depth of experience and capabilities. Call today to learn more about our consulting and strategic planning services.

Network Design, Implementation, and Management

Moving into a new office? We can help with planning and implementing or coordinating the required networking and telecommunications provisions so that you can be up and running as soon as you move in. And we’re the company to turn to for help with complete administration and management of your current network or for specialized assistance to your own IT staff.

Branch Office Connectivity

Adding a branch office? We can design, implement, and manage the necessary infrastructure to ensure secure connectivity and required interoperability between your branch office(s) and your headquarters infrastructure. We can help with any networking, telecommunication, videoconferencing, and collaboration solution.

Managed Services and Help Desk

Need ongoing help and support? We are a full-scope managed services provider and can deliver the complete range of services that you would get from an in-house IT department without all of the overhead associated with employees. And even if on-site service is required, our comprehensive Managed Services Agreements provide both remote and on-site services to maintain your existing infrastructure for a flat monthly fee without any after-hours or emergency charges.

24/7 Monitoring

We use state-of-the-art Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools to keep an eye on your systems and head-off or respond to problems, often before you know anything is wrong. Some problems can be automatically resolved by our monitoring software, and we can perform remote remediation of many other problems without needing to come on site.

Network Security

With all the network security vulnerabilities making headlines in recent years, you need to be sure that your network infrastructure is as secure as possible. We can evaluate the PCI and/or HIPAA compliance and overall security of your network and identify issues that require correction. And whatever the issue, we can assist with the hardware and software upgrades that may be required.

Disaster Recovery

Even if you are performing backups of your critical data now, are you really prepared to quickly resume operations if a catastrophic disaster like a flood or fire happens to your business? If you are not properly prepared, it can take days or even weeks to recover from such a catastrophe and resume operations. Could your business survive that much downtime? Most small or medium businesses could not, so a disaster recovery plan is essential. Let us help your business plan for and take the necessary steps to ensure continued business operations with minimal downtime if your business experiences a disaster.

Managed AV

Every day we encounter businesses with inadequate or expired antivirus solutions. Even if you are not ready for our other business services, we can provide managed antivirus protection for your network that is maintained current and monitored by our technicians. If your system experiences a virus or malware infection, we assist you with the necessary corrective actions. And the cost for this service is no more than the retail cost of most brand name off-the-shelf anti-virus software.