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Home Solutions

Home User? SOHO? No Problem!

Consider this...For about the same annual cost of popular name-brand retail antivirus software, we can provide you with our managed antivirus solution. This innovative solution lets us keep an eye on your software and gives us alerts and notifications if you get infected. We maintain your software always up-to-date and we can remotely assist with virus or malware removal and the remediation of related issues.

Wired or Wireless Networks

Whether you want a new wired or wireless network at your home or home office, or you are having trouble with an existing network or network device, we can help. We’ve been helping users large and small for more than 20 years. Call us today to learn about our wired and wireless networks.

Workgroup or Homegroup Setup

Got more than one computer and want to share files, or a printer, or a backup drive? We can configure your home network to permit the necessary shared access in a safe an secure way without password complications that can make a simple workgroup complicated and tedious.


Got a computer or network problem of any type? Give us a call. There’s not much we haven’t seen, and many problems can be solved without an onsite visit.

Virus Removal and Managed AV

We deal with virus issues every day. Because these problems often require multiple and lengthy scans with specialized software, we usually ask you to bring your computer in to our office where we can do other productive things while your scans are running. This lowers your cost, and you don’t have us sitting in your home staring at the screen for hours while the scans are running. This also helps keep us awake and productive and able to help more customers, so everyone wins.

Printer or Scanner Configuration

We can assist with the setup and configuration of most printers, scanners, or multi-function machines and if they are laser printers we can even sell you replacement toner cartridges at a significant savings.

Migration to New Systems

Got a new system? Call us to help with migration of your software and data to the new system. And if the new system also uses new operating system software we can help familiarize you with the new system and provide helpful tips to make your use of the new system more enjoyable.

Telecommuting – Work From Home

Going on vacation or taking a business trip? We can help you connect to your computer back home while on a trip or work on your office computer from home so you can access a file, check your email, or do other work on your computer as though you were sitting in front of it.