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We're based in the Tri Cities of Washington, but serve a wide radius that includes Washington, Idaho, & Oregon

We've been in business for over 25 years and have provided business IT solutions and service for all of that time. We stay current on all of the latest technologies and IT services. Let us help you plan for your next server upgrade and select the right hardware and software-or let us help you sort through all of the newest technologies to choose those that best fit your current needs and planned growth. Few companies serving small and medium businesses have our breadth and depth of experience and capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about our consulting and strategic planning services.

Branch Office Connectivity
Adding a branch office? We can design, implement, and manage the necessary infrastructure to ensure secure connectivity and required interoperability between your branch office(s) and your headquarters infrastructure. We can help with any networking, telecommunication, videoconferencing, and collaboration solution.

Hosted PBX
Transform your phone system into a cost-cutting, sales driving machine. Our Cloud PBX provides an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system that is more flexible and economical than traditional on-premises business phone systems.

Capabilities include AutoAttendant(s), Hunt Groups, Call Queues, Day/Night/Holiday/Special Event scheduling, Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers for all phones, WebFax capability, ability to include remote locations and home offices (with e911) in the business phone system, and the ability for each user to include SoftPhone capability on multiple devices.

Hosted Exchange
With business email powered by Microsoft Exchange, your business is no longer confined to the office. Hosted exchange allows you to access email across a variety of devices, ensuring efficiency no matter where you are. We offer many hosted exchange options to suit your business-use with or without Office 365 applications, or add additional Legal Search, Email Archiving, and Email Encryption capabilities.

Skype for Business
Skype for Business bundles messaging, audio and video, online meetings and sharing all in one familiar application, so employees can easily collaborate. Host online meetings, use the group chat feature, and share screens safely and securely on this robust communications platform.

File Sharing and Collaboration
With the SecuriSync file sharing and collaboration product, your team can easily and securely share and edit large files for true team collaboration. Edit permissions to give or restrict access to specific users, access files from any internet-enabled device, and enjoy the security of knowing your files are backed up on the cloud.

Moving Your Office?

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when moving offices is trying to save money by moving their computer network themselves. Most of the time, this results in frustrated staff, lost or damaged equipment, and phones that ring at the wrong extension. Hiring the right IT firm to move your network is essential to successful, organized move. Let us help you plan your move by scheduling a site survey well in advance of your move.