Cloud Services

Ready for the Cloud?

Need help deciding if you should move some or all of your business to the cloud? We can help you make this decision by identifying the requirements, the pros and cons, and the costs and benefits of moving some or all of your business to the cloud. Contact us today to learn more about the cloud solutions we offer.


Cloud Infrastructure Management
If you have already moved some functions or part of your business to the cloud, we can help ongoing management of your cloud infrastructure. We can help with cloud vendor moves or changes, ISP changes, evaluating new cloud technologies, storage or bandwidth increases, or any other aspect of your cloud computing ecosystem.

Public / Private Cloud Solutions
We can help you evaluate the various public, private, and hybrid cloud options and design, implement, and manage the cloud configuration that is right for your business.

VMware / Hyper-V / Xen Virtualization
Most cloud solutions make extensive use of some form of virtualization technology. We’re familiar with them all and can assist with the setup, configuration, and management of on-premises or cloud virtualization technologies.

Offsite Backup – Disaster Recovery
Offsite backup is frequently the first cloud technology contemplated by small or medium businesses. Whether you simply want to put critical files in the cloud or you want the ability to spin up a complete image of your business environment in the cloud while you recover from an on-premises disaster, we can help you make the necessary arrangements and be prepared for any scenario.

Hosted Exchange and Office 365
Hosted Exchange and/or Office 365 are among the most mature of the enterprise-level business services that have been moved to the cloud. If you’ve wanted these enterprise-level services for your business, or if you’re ready to move from an on-premises exchange server, we can provide these services on a monthly subscription basis either alone or in concert with an ongoing managed services agreement.

Hybrid Solutions
Some businesses want to keep an on-premises server for security, control, and proprietary line-of-business software but want to also take advantage of cloud services like Office 365, offsite backup, cloud collaboration for remote users, and disaster recovery. We offer a state-of-the-art hybrid cloud IT solution that fills all of these needs. Even better, it is available on a monthly subscription, operating expense (OPEX) basis, is maintained and always current, and is replaced at each 3-year or 5-year contract renewal with a new system using the most current hardware and software. With this solution, you will never have to face a huge capital expense (CAPEX) for server infrastructure refresh again.

While there are many benefits to cloud computing, moving entirely to the cloud is not right for every company. Some applications don’t play well in the cloud, and if you work with large files like graphics and videos, odds are the potential slowness might not be worth the convenience of remote cloud access.

However, cloud solutions offer many benefits to businesses:

  • Eliminates the need for expensive server upgrades.
  • Allows you to use cheaper devices to get the job done.
  • Gives you unfettered access to your documents from any internet-connected device.
  • Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Utility pricing-only pay for what you need.