Zynstra Hybrid Cloud

Featuring Infrastructure as a Service on an Easy-to-Budget Monthly Subscription Basis!

Sick of Never-Ending Upgrades, Costly Repairs, and Large Capital Outlays to Maintain a Robust and Reliable IT Infrastructure for your Small or Medium Business?

When Microsoft announced the retirement of the Small Business Server (SBS) line of products, it looked like small and medium businesses would have to pay enterprise-level prices to get the same set of enterprise-level features formerly offered in the SBS products. A few companies tried to offer a bundle of hardware and software products to fill the gap, but all of these tended to be far more costly and less well-integrated than the SBS products and so they met with limited success.

But Zynstra, a UK company founded by software entrepreneurs, had a better idea: an integrated suite of standard Microsoft applications and services offered in a stable and reliable virtual machine environment on a state-of-the-art on-premises HP Proliant server. The whole package is monitored, managed, and kept current from the Cloud but with local control through intuitive management consoles specially tailored for both local users and their IT support staff or service provider.

To reduce the reluctance of clients to upgrade their high-cost infrastructure when it really needs to be upgraded, Zynstra offers its products on an all-inclusive monthly subscription basis, reducing the need for periodic high-dollar capital expenditures and replacing them with 3 or 5 year subscriptions paid on an easy-to-budget monthly basis. The hardware is automatically upgraded at each 3 or 5 year subscription renewal, eliminating the need to budget for those huge capital expenses that often cause companies to keep their aging infrastructure in place far longer than they should.

After enjoying great success and winning awards in the UK, Zynstra is now offering its innovative line of Hybrid Cloud IT server appliances in the US. TCT Computer Solutions, a Pacific Northwest IT solution provider, was the first company in North America to place one of these Hybrid Cloud IT Solutions in service for a client and is pleased to offer this solution to other small or medium businesses ready to upgrade their aging infrastructures.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) liked Zynstra’s Hybrid IT Solution so much they created a purpose-built server platform called the Easy Connect server to house Zynstra’s innovative virtualization environment. TCT Computer Solutions now offers SMB’s the HPE Easy Connect line of servers as well.

Contact TCT Computer Solutions today to learn more about the easy-to-budget, highly reliable, fully maintained, and always current HPE/Zynstra Hybrid IT Solution. It’s another BIG reason why TCT Computer Solutions continues to be the SMART Choice for IT Services